Green Coast Cruise


One of America’s great cruising grounds is the combination of the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast which we like to call the Green Coast because of the extensive barrier islands, wet lands, wildlife refuges, national parks and national seacoasts filled with birds and sea life.  This coast is also home and recreation for millions of people.  The activities of people have had negative impacts on the coastal environment.  Some substantial efforts have been made to mitigate these impacts, but other issues remain unaddressed. 

Follow along in the blog as we take an extended cruise on the Green Coast in a 30 foot sailboat which left Corpus Christi March 6, 2011.

                                         Bob and Karen Jones



Sailing the Coast

The meeting of the sea, land, and sky is a wondrous occurrence be it sandy beach or rocky shore or marshy wetlands.  Toss in some fickle sunshine to form a dynamic environment teaming with life: birds and shrimp, clams and fish, turtles and people.

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